Friday, January 4, 2013

Just so you know that I'm here....

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Michelle and I am super excited about this blog!

Well, since becoming semi-addicted to various blogs over the past year, I've finally decided to create one of my own.  The main purpose of the blog at this time will be to feature the pictures I have taken for my 365 pictures project.  My GOAL is to take at least 1 picture a day, every day, all throughout 2013.  It has been an easy task so far, but today is only January 3.  But hey, I've been a rockstar so far!  And as soon as I can get my camera software uploaded onto my computer and then figure out how to share them on here, I'll be able to get this party started!

But as I go on throughout the year, I'm also going to use this forum to share segments of my day as a single mom of an almost 8-year old; things that I see going on in the world and of course, inappropriate things that make me laugh my ass off.  Be prepared my friends and followers, I have one heck of a twisted sense of humor and I LOVE IT!  I'm also delving into the world of cooking and baking more than I ever have in the past, so I'm pretty sure I'll be sharing some recipes and feedback of meals I've made that have, and have not turned out.  Basically, this blog is going to cover everything and anything you could possibly want to know (and probably somethings you don't want to know) about yours truly.  In the end, I hope that you can come here for a daily dose of laughter while you also enjoy my journey on this wild ride called life.

Take care my friends!

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